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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Lazytown Live at High Wycombe

Ni cerita bulan puasa hari tu. A little late but I just have to write an entry about it sebagai kenangan untuk Alia bila dia besar nanti. We went to High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire for a Lazytown Live Show. Alia is a real follower of Lazytown series. She has this idea that she is, however ..... Stephanie of Lazytown....

The cheapest ticket was priced at 17 pounds per person but I was lucky to get it for 2.50 pounds per person!! So 5 pounds for a pair of ticket.
Thanks to e-bay. Otherwise I won't fork out that much money just for a show. However I have to buy another ticket for my hubby - standard price. Takpe la. Once in a while, kan. For those yang suka nengok show, concert atau yang seumpama dengannya, Ticketmaster sometimes offer a real bargain, as low as 5 pounds per ticket (RRP 17++).

The show was quite fun. Lots of singing and dancing and the best part was when all the kiddies jumped off their seats and sang along! Alia malu2 tapi mau. Parents were very supportive as they too joined the crowd and danced! Halfway through the show ada intermission. So we wandered around the theatre and Alia was bugging us to buy the sparkly thingy. Oh, tak kuasa nak melayan. Banyak betul L
azytown merchandise yang dijual, memang terkeluar air liur budak2 melihatnya. As for me, aku rasa not worth buying 'cos it will only last 4 hours then mana2 tah dibuangnya nanti.

Well...here's the Stephanie (Malay version) in action....

Sooooooooo happy...sengih sampai telinga

Anxious for the show to start

The venue : Wycombe Swan

No photographs and videos were allowed while it is on show, so boleh amik gambar masa org nak balik je........

Stephanie wouldn't let go off the counter...nak jugak aku beli barang2 Lazytown tu.

Mom pun nak masuk gambar jugak....

All in all, the show was pretty great (considering I paid a fraction of the the price). But if you have to pay for normal price, rasanya best lagi nengok kat tv kot.......

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