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Wednesday, 7 January 2009


It was bitterly cold these days. The temperature was almost -17C in some places (the worst was -27C many many years ago). I didn't realize how bad it was until I saw the news. Imagine the fountain at Trafalgar Square stopped functioning because the water was frozen, ducks and swans missed their happy times in the water 'coz it all turned to ice (kesian itik takde tempat nak berenang-takde arah tujuan dah) and it was reported that AA and RAC received almost 40,000 calls reporting motor accidents, minor and major everyday. Furthermore, kerajaan siap tawarkan bayaran insentif utk org2 tua dan org miskin bagi meringankan beban bil pemanas.

There are many non-profit organisations offering free hot food/sdrinks for the elderly and homeless people in London. I cannot imagine how terrible they must have felt, to put up a brave face and braven the cold to get somewhere warm and cosy. And I just sit there on my sofa with a plate of hot curry and watched the telly 24/7 while others are struggling to survive. I am so lucky since the gas and electricity bills are included in my house rent. And God...the bill is really expensive. No wonder many of us choose to cut on gas bill and bear with the deathly temperature. They cannot even cook hot food/drink since this requires gas as well. Alhamdulillah aku tak terjejas kat sini. Sentiasa panas dan sentiasa ada makanan. Bila lihat kesusahan org lain baru sedar nikmat yang selama ini kita ambil ringan. I just cannot imagine life without heater during winter (seperti yg berlaku sekarang di Sarajevo and many countries in central Europe). Dreadful, I think.

Another thing that thug my heart is the tragic situation in Gaza. It was so heartbreaking seeing little childrens, fathers and mothers,
silently crying or screaming their heart out as the life of their loved ones were snapped before their very eyes. I feel useless not be able to do anything but be witness to their agony. The best thing I could do is to pray for their safety and security. Marilah kita sama2 berdoa untuk mereka. No matter who they are, they are our brothers and sisters. Let us hope for peace all over the world.

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