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Thursday, 1 April 2010

CAPER 2010 at University of York

I was away from 29-31 March, attending CAPER 2010. CAPER stands for Committee on Air Pollution Effects Research. It was my first time and I was glad that I have been given the opportunity to give a talk. I was not very proud of my performance...since I do not think I have done the best. I put it to lack of practice. So there is no one else to blame but me. I promised myself that I will do better next time. Next CAPER conference will be held in Edinburgh. We'll see if there is any improvement on my side. That aside, I learnt a lot at this conference. I met a few big shots in air pollution study and I was approached by researchers from Netherlands who are interested to join forces in my algae project. That is quite good for a start, I think.

With the Pakistanis who have been a great help. Really good to meet such a nice people. They even begged and insisted us for staying another night at York so they could show us around. Very nice of them. They helped me through the night, the day before my talk. We had rehearsals and Q&A sessions as well.

Me.....ready to give my talk. Quite composed on the outside but falling apart on the inside, I must say.

Lunch and dinner was well served. I really loved the carrot cakes (not in the pic), I had them 2 days in a row. We were well-fed, then. The food is halal, too. So we had chicken as well.

University of York.

After my presentation...feel free and alive again.

This short trip has really taught me something. It injected a sense of 'keinsafan', hahhah. Feel like I'm not gonna waste anymore time and will locked myself up in the room, focusing on my research project. So refreshing.

Tapi...minggu depan aktiviti jalan2 akan bermula sempena Easter holiday and school break. Nak pegi Norwich, Lancaster n Stoke. Camna ni? Tangguh dulu la semangat membara nak study tu. I'll put it on hold...but not for long. Takleh main2 dah...time is running out. Wish me luck, guys!

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