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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Put on that gloves, love

It has always been my interest to grow my own vegetable. This new hobby buds out here, in UK. Never, in my mind that I would be into gardening. Back home in Malaysia, I asked my hubby to covered any soil available around our house with concrete cement. I just don't bother to weed out the invasive grasses, let alone growing any vegetables or having a flower bed.

But people do change, right? And here I am.....sitting in the cold, mixing the soil with compost, while my other half putting his strength to test by digging out as many hole as possible to grow our vegetables. We had brocolli, broad beans, mangetout, sugar snap, several varieties of tomatoes and a selection of green bell peppers, red ones and cayenne.

I only managed to grow one single plant of tomato last year so it is kind of massive improvement this year. I got the 'green finger-man' on my side this year so hopefully all will ends well.

Sadly, we had to dig out all of them 2 days later since it was forecasted for snow and frost in the next few days. So my hubby spent his day digging out the seedlings and small plants (while I was in York, attending a conference) and bring them indoor, safe and warm.

Well...let me introduce you to our very own vegetable patches. Will keep you updated of the progress. Hopefully will be able to show you the harvest, at the end of the season...

See you, soon!

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