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Friday, 11 December 2009

Paris Day 3 - DISNEYLAND

(Jour 3 à Paris)

Needless to say.....this place is magique! Disneyland is where your little one's dreams comes true. Alia seemed lost in her own world, having met so many of her adorable characters - Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Mickey and frens and much more. We spent the whole day in this magical wonderland, from morning 'til late. Tak sedar masa berlalu begitu cepat because there were countless of shows, parades and activities available for everyone.

Entrance ticket was quite pricey, memang pikir 100 kali nak beli.
But I would say this was money well spent. Priceless dibandingkan dengan your 'lil ones happiness and excitement. As we had Paris Visit Day Pass, we got 20% off. And aku dengan selambanya hanya beli 2 adult tickets. Lucky for us, the staff let us in easily. Adakah sebab Alia kecik aje? Atau sebab dia kesian tengok muka aku? Apa-apapun, here's the recap:

With Disney's Castle at the background

Welcome to Disneyland Park!

Dalam train lagi Alia dok buat kajian pasal Disneyland Park, tak sabar nak explore tue..

The station for Disneyland Paris, called Marne-la-Valle-Chessy

Tak kenal sangat this character berbaju hijau ni tapi she was the first one we met, right after the entrance. She was screaming, running and shrieking all at the same time. Alia was scared of her at first, thinking maybe this girl tak berapa betul. Later we realized that she was running from her rival in red dress (pic below) and they just mimicking some scenes from the fairytales.

Disney character's parade. Vibrant and colourful.

Alia kept on toleh ke belakang 'cos she wanted to see the parade but mom and dad sibuk nak amik gambar. At one point, she screamed "I don't want to take a picture, I want to see the show!".

Alia and the genie....from The Aladdin

This bear was so friendly, we got to spent some time with him.

I guessed Alia was amazed at so many characters who came alive that day. She probably wouldn't want to blink her eyes so she will not miss every single moment, hahahha.

Look at Alia's face...macam bangga semacam je dapat bergambar dengan...sapa ni? Cinderella? Sleeping Beauty? Oh, mama tak tau le. Hanya Alia yang terer. She could name each and every character!

Look! Who's here? Si penjaga istanakah?

Having fun at the carousel. Mom and dad pun naik jugak. Tumpang sekaki.

Beautiful fantasy village

Live show from Mickey Mouse and friends. Energetic and entertaining.

Adventureland - where you feel like you're in the middle east. Ada Moroccon restaurant and all. Lots of souvenirs, too.

The mainland USA. Banyak themed shops and restaurants.

In the Disneyland Train. Great to get around between all 4 parks available.

At the Walt Disney Studios. Masa ni dah nak gelap.

We were lucky to be here during the off-peak season as there were no long queues or overcrowded area. Alia enjoyed the "Playhouse Disney Channel Live
On Stage" the best. She and the other kids were dancing around, bouncing, jumping and wiggling almost all the way through the show. So exciting! The kids even jumped off their seats for bubbles and confettis catching. Siap berebut-rebut dan akhirnya all her diaper's bag were full of the glittery bits. So fun!

Alia with her friends from the Little Einstein.

With Daisy and Minnie

Winter Wonderland

The closing parade

It was almost midnight when we arrived at the hotel. Tired but happy. I truly believe that this is the right place to make your kids happy. It was worth every penny. Even my husband who was so sceptical about making a trip to Disneyland, seemed to be on the same page with me. The only regret I had was not able to capture the moment in video as I left my camera at home. To make matters worse, my hubby's camera can only capture still pictures. Nevertheless, I have no regrets coming here. A whole day full of fun. So folks, save some money and treat your kid to something special, a day where your kid will always remember.

'til we meet again...... à bientôt
(see you soon)!!


Anonymous said...

salam kenal... cantiknye kt sana!

3yearshousewife said...

K.As tau sapa the first characters you came across. Depa tu kan cinderella's evil sisters.
Bestnya Alia.

Asmida said...

terima kasih kerana menjenguk blog ai ni.

k as,
tabik spring la, boleh kenal character tu. patut la depa tu dok gaduh2 pasal sapa paling cantik. hahahha.

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