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Saturday, 12 December 2009

Paris Day 5: Monmartre and Centre of Paris

Our last day in Paris...

We took the chance to visit Monmartre Basilique du Sacré Cœur and went for a shopping near the area. We were lucky as this place was only 10 minutes walk from our hotel. There are many shops selling all sorts of souvenirs along the street. Basilique was one of the most visited tourist attraction in Paris. It is located at the highest point of the city, overlook the Monmartre city and its surrounding. We took the cable car to get to the Basilique and the service was quite good considering the queues ahead of us.

Monmartre Basilique du Sacré Cœur

Bergambar depan hotel...sebelah tu bakery shop, depan kedai kebab and McD. So convenient.

Pharoah di kaki Basilique. Orang yang berlagak macam patung atau macam pelbagai mende lagi. They do this for money sebab ada bekas plastik kat kaki mereka utk kita derma duit atas effort mereka.

Sorang lagi peminta sedekah terhormat. At least they do something instead of just sitting there and do nothing.

The ride in a cable car.

Can you see me there? Tengah khusyuk bershopping tue.....

As we had a lot of time to spare before we leave for London St Pancrass International, we went to Eiffel Tower for the 2nd time, and then to Arc de Triomphe. Amik gambar lagi....

Arc de Triomphe

Metro station Bir-Hakiem, for Eiffel Tower

Di kaki Eiffel Tower

Mengikut gossip yang kudengar dari Henri, this is where Lady Di spent her night before she was involved in the tragic accident.

At 6.45pm, we were on board of Eurostar, heading towards the freezing land of England. We left Paris with a lot of wonderful memories. We loved every single moments spent in this City of Light. Bye bye for now....

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