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Friday, 16 December 2011

Short Break to Genting Highland

We were in Genting, last week. Spent 3 days over there. We normally stayed at the Tower hotel, in the standard room but this time around my hubby's employer was kind enough to book us a Club suite. The room was quite impressive. The bathroom is huge. Everything is perfect but the patio was a bit poor. Seasoned, maybe.

Top 2 pics : www.awana.com.my

Talking about Genting, we always loved Genting. When I was in the UK and looking for cosytoes to match my little daughter's (not so little anymore, hehehhe) pushchair, my friend was puzzled and telling me that I definitely do not need cosytoes in Malaysia! I smiled at her and said "No worries.....I will need it next time we're in Genting." Not satisfied with my answer, she added "yeah...like you go there all the time". Feeling content, I replied " Oh, not all the time but definitely more than a few times a year".

The blue thingy that look like a sleeping bag is the cosytoes. Great to keep baby warm in the cold.

Yes, that's right. Genting has a special place in my heart. I went there with my friends when I was a student, then with my hubby, later on with my little tot and I will keep on frequenting Genting until I am bored of it, hhaahahhah!! I love pretending like I lost control and eat like there is no tomorrow at Coffee Terrace house, acting childlike on the many rides at the theme park and most of all.......feeling all lovey-dovey, staring at the night sky and having the warmth of being loved amidst the cold but comfortable wind on my face. Bliss!

Oh, sambung pasal Awana, among the perks of staying there is you get vouchers to ride the Skyway for free. RM10 return per pax and since we have 3 in the company, so RM30 saved. Haaa.....see. Plus, there is free shuttle bus from Awana to the peak of Genting or to Goh Tong (for a treat of roti canai). And last but not least, Awana is not as cold as the peak so on a lucky day, you get to swim in their swimming pools. There are 3 swimming pools. One each for adults and kids and the other one is more like jacuzzi, with warm bubbly water.

Cable car or depa panggil The Skyway. It took 15 minutes from Gohtong Skyway station to Genting Highland.

Hotel garden

Me and my 19 weeks belly and Mr Hubby.

Sepanjang kat sana, we had our meals kat Rajawali Restaurant. Not bad. The choice is vast (but not any better than Coffee Terrace) and the food is ok. Desserts tak best sangat. None of the small cakes are to my liking. Tapi all the caramel-type puddings were yummy. Pernah sekali we had our dinner kat Golf Terrace. Oh my dear me....the food was not up to hotel standard, limited choices and the staff has nothing to do but lingering around you, waiting to clear up your table. Rasa tak berbaloi bayar mahal2, tau.

Anyway, my mood was lifted once we were at the peak of Genting. I guessed all the lights and sounds make me happy. Alia had her share of being a kid. We opted for the indoor park only because time was not on our side. We came home happy, nevertheless.

A very happy ice-cream vendor

Reindeer comes early to Genting! No need to wait for Christmas.

Mr Clown and a very happy customer.......holding her ever so precious flower. Alia menangis bila belon bunganya meletup. Kecian.....

Happy while it last.

Genting....'til we meet again. Probably with a baby in tow....boleh la pakai cosytoes yang dah lama dibeli tu!


atie said...

Wah bestnya g genting.Suami k.tie pun de ajak pergi genting, mcmn byrn tiket kat ats tu yer as?

Asmida said...

K Tie, tiket utk Skyway tu boleh beli kat stesen kereta kabel tu di Gohtong. RM10 seorang pegi balik. Kalau duduk Awana, free. Untuk rides kat atas tu, boleh beli asing2 utk indoor park saja atau outdoor park je. Atau kalau nak beli indoor + outdoor sekali pun boleh, lagi murah. Tapi kena jugak tengok pada cuaca dan masa. Kalau bermalam kat sana rasanya berbaloi amik combo tiket. Harga K tie boleh rujuk sini : http://www.rwgenting.com/en/themepark/tickets_packages/pricing.htm

sitiezahim said...

genting je la harapan yg sejuk skarang..cameron dah panas kan..uhuhu..

Anneoshin said...

Congratz As! Wah, sure happy coz expecting a baby boy. Well, take care and keep in touch!

::Asmida Razak:: said...

hye nice your blog :)

follow my blog :)
thanx :D


3yearshousewife said...

Rambut Alia dh kena cantas ya...culprit nya mesti sang panas...

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