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Thursday, 25 December 2008

Weekend Break in Leeds, Xmas Party in SP

A journey to Leeds begin after I went to East Acton to pick-up my co-pilot, Ida. The plan was to transit at Cambridge, switch to a bigger car and continue our journey to Leeds. The supposedly one and a half hour journey to Cambridge ended up 3 and a half hours later. Traffic? I supposed so, plus we turned into the wrong corner and got caught up in the middle of Central London during peak hours. Oh, dear....

We safely arrived in Leeds at almost 12 midnight. Poor Dila and Safari (our wonderful host), whose eyes half-opened but welcomed us happily. We then helped ourselves to lontong, nasi himpit and kuah kacang. Later in the morning, we had nasi lemak ayam goreng, yumm yumm. The first stop today was Leeds Designer Shopping Outlet. I managed to grabbed a couple of packets of Cadbury Roses (really cheap) and Swiss Roll. Treated myself to Thornton's ice-cream and bought a box of chocolates for our host, too, while we were at the shop. I pledged to myself not to spend silly money on clothes and shoes etc as I have overspent on those items, weeks before. It was hard but I was glad I did it! I walked out the shopping outlet almost empty-handed. Yeayyy..

Oh, Alia got a pair of really cheap Clark's shoes. That was a necessity, not luxury. All because she put on her summer shoes when we left our house earlier on. What was she thinking, wearing summer shoes in the winter? Oh, I forgot that I am the mother, who supposed to be aware of it all. So, basically I HAVE to buy her a new one. I have chosen the cheapest one, so cheap you will not believe your eyes. And it was not a great pair as well, but enough to keep her feet warm and snug in this cold temperature. Boleh la.....

Mem kecik sedang diukur saiz kaki sebelum beli kasut. Saiz 7 budak ni.

Our last day in Leeds were mostly a tour around Leeds city centre. Thanks to our host for the warm welcome and lovely foods. Kalau datang Ascot/London, sila le berkunjung umah aku ye. Not forgotten, a million thanks to Sufi dan Maza. That was an enjoyable trip. Makasih jugak sebab jamu kami soto, sesuai sangat untuk menyegarkan otot mata aku sebelum balik ke London.

Our journey back home was a smooth one. Only one and half hour. Borak2 ngan Ida, sedar2 je dah sampai London. Makasih Ida sbb jadi pembaca TomTom yang setia. I spent the night at Ida's house. Poor Alia, she was not feeling well but later that day she was better.

Then we went to Children's Christmas Party in Silwood Park. Party ni khusus utk anak2 staff Imperial College. Alia was so happy to meet Santa and she got a smart lunchbox from Santa (aku yang beli..). She seems to enjoy herself at the party. Good for her. That was it, a long and great weekend for us.

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