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Friday, 10 December 2010

Jalan-jalan Central London

16 NOVEMBER 2010

The long awaited vacation......
We made a reservation at a budget hotel in Central London and kept ourselves busy with so many activities. Despite the fact that we live in the suburbs of London, we never had a chance to really enjoy London. So this time, we took our time and enjoy it. First stop, Kew Garden tu la and then, Science Museum - for a bit of education, hehhehe. Tak jugak...sebenarnya went there purposedly for IMAX 3D movie. Been here so many times before so we just skipped the tour side and jumped right up to the entertainment department.

You know.....that's my car.....

And this is........... mine, too!

And this one.............is not mine......


sitiezahim said...

cm ngeri aje gamba org tue tuh..hihi

Asmida said...

org tua tu macam nak terkam je, kan? macam real. pandai dorang buat gambar.

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