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Wednesday, 30 November 2011


My sis belanja makan pizza at Domino's on Sunday. And yesterday, I make a point to go online and lodge a complaint on Domino's Pizza first thing in the morning (morning sangat la). So far Domino's has been on top of Pizza Hut (at least in my opinion) but my experience on Sunday was not a good one. The First Class (nama dia mmg tulis 1st class) Chicken Perfection pizza was not up to my expectation. The pesto sauce was really really bad. There were 5 of us on Sunday treat but none of us could stomach the pizza. Nasib baik kami order jugak pizza lain, chickens and what-not.

Despite the not-so-yummy pizza experience, my little princess was asking for pizza for lunch, again. So I went online and ordered 2 regular pizzas (Ultimate Hawaian and Metasaurus) that comes with onion ring and banana kaya pizza.
No more 1st class pizza for me this time. Just the normal hand tossed pizza. Since pizza is not delivering in my area, I went and pick it up at 7-11 Cempaka. Received within 20 minutes. Not bad. The delivery guy was polite and courteous. 5 star there.

Back to my complaint, I received a call from their customer service staff less than 1 hour after an online complaint.
And later on during the day, I received another call, this time from their Nilai branch manager. They wanted to improve the taste of their 1st Class Chicken Perfection since they have received several other similar complaints. Thumbs up for taking customer complaints seriously. 4 star here.

Now it's back to the pizza. My verdict : OMG, it was awesome!! Cheesy rich topping and lots and lots of pepperoni, chicken and pineapple. Plus the sauce on Metasaurus was creamy and sweet. Delicioso!!
Memang puas hati. Toppingnya memang lebat, bukan jarang2. Full. Crammed of macam2 kat atas tu.

Gambar yang diambil 5 jam selepas pizza sampai. Sebab tu tinggal separuh chicken, separuh pepperoni. Aku pulun 4-5 slices kot, hahhaha. Sedap tu memang la sedap tapi mana habis sorang makan woiii. Alia makan 1 keping je. Hubby tak mau makan pizza, nak nasik jugak. Tapi esoknya membaham pizza 3 keping, for breakfast.

Ni banana kaya pizza yang dia suka sangat. Dia sorang makan sampai separuh. Bravo!

What I like most about Domino's pizza is the crust won't turn hard rock, even the day after or even after reheating them in the microwave/oven. So I will definitely stick to Domino's for our fix of pizza.

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