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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Milk for mom-to-be

Disclaimer : This post is based solely on my personal views. Just sharing my thought with those in the same boat. Credit pictures to Google search.

It has been almost 7 years since the last time I get myself into the trouble of finding the right milk for pregnant lady. How time flies
and I am left in the dark when it comes to milk. My impulse buy was Anmum Materna. No specific reason on why I've chosen this brand. I guess it was because it is everywhere. Unlike any other brand, you'll find it difficult to get hold of. But most kedai walau sekecil mana pun, memang jual Anmum. So Anmum Materna it is. The milk was left in the cupboard, untouched....for about a week. I just don't feel like drinking any milk. Then on one fine day, I had a glass of it. Well....my verdict was : I don't like it. Not to my liking. After a couple of days, I tried again and again but yep....still I don't like it. So that's it. I strike it off the list.

Then I was on the road again, driving from one place to another, looking for different brand. I hop on and off from one shop to the other before decided on Dumil Mama. Bough a small 200g packet for a try as I do not fancy the idea of the money going down the drain for a RM50++ milk. I have read in some anonymous blog that she could not stomach any milk, even the most popular ones until she tried on Dumil Mama. So I guess it is worth a try. I will post an update on it later.

I also received a small packet of Friso Gold Mum from my sis who work in a hospital. Have not tried that one as well. I have high hope that either one of it (Dumil or Friso) will have a decent taste so I could keep having them for the sake of my baby's healthy development. Otherwise I have to resort to loads and loads of multivitamins. I am on Obimin Plus + Obical at the moment. Gosh, they are huge! Well, that is for another post.

I am also in the look out for EnfaMama. Does anyone has any experience with Enfamama? Do share with me. Kalau sedap, I nak pegi beli.

In the mean time, keep yourself happy and healthy, mom!


sitiezahim said...

wah dah berseri la blog ni..hehehe
btw sitie mmg tak minum susu masa pregnen..sangat tak suka huhu

Asmida said...

K long pun tak minat minum susu especially yg plain. Kalau ada chocolate flavour ke...boleh la telan jugak.

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